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I have almost paid off my mortgage on the existing investment property, and have estimated the costs of building and dividing the land to be around $400,000-500,000. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking a property to subdivide, here are six tips to help narrow your search. You can choose to submit the application yourself but as this is a complex process it is strongly recommended you get a professional licensed surveyor and a conveyancer or solicitor to: fi Land development checklist Perform American Land Title Association (ALTA) land title survey Walk the property and take site photos Consider the following: { Rock outcroppings { Low areas { Slopes { Floodplains { Wetlands { Water elements { High points and ridgelines { Land forms/unique natural features { Views and vistas Partial Lien Release - Has anyone attempted to have Wells Fargo grant them a partial lien release on a piece of property that was subdivided in NJ? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. • Mortgage Security (76-3-201(1)(b), MCA). . Is this even possible if you have a mortgage on the property? Best Answer: Subdividing the land has nothing to do with the mortgage. R. release of said parcel from the lien shall not in any way affect the lien of said Deed of Trust (Mortgage) upon the remaining land there by subject to the Deed of Trust/Mortgage • The legal description of the real property being released from the mortgage, not to include the description of the property that will remain with the mortgage Property owners may subdivide their property and sell the portion they do not live on using a 1031 exchange. Look for properties that have at least 700sqm in land size. The lender has given the mortgage on the whole of the land and not a part of it. A BC land surveyor can assist with the process. If such is the case, it is advisable to  (3) If the subdivision or partition plat contains any dedication or donation of land to public purposes, the holder of any mortgage or trust deed shall also execute  7 Aug 2013 Will I have to pay tax when I subdivide and sell either property? There is also an exemption where the land being subdivided is the residence  14 Apr 2017 Most mortgages will also restrict your ability to subdivide until the of the building (not the land), and the land in fact is not subdivided, but  If you wish to purchase land for subdivision or development you should carry out the strata plan including any financial institution that has a mortgage over the  15 Jan 2014 Crucially, an unplatted property can't be subdivided. zillow. You are willing to sell a piece of your property to this buyer. As each home is completed and sold, that property is separated out from the blanket loan without disrupting the financing arrangements for the rest of the development. You may qualify for a bushfire prone property loan. You can then adjust the existing loan on existing property so its on one title rather than both (can be done at discharge stage, where they'll make sure the equity position holds). This is not the corporate website of Augusta Financial Inc. If you own land outright or you have a significant amount of equity in land, you can use it just as you would use any other tangible What is subdivision law? 30-A M. The LRA brought changes to the subdivision approval process in Nova Scotia. Subdividing your land can be a smart wealth creation strategy. It will cost $2,000 to $10,000 for more than two lots. If You Would Like to Subdivide Your Land, Start with Your Town Hall. Local fees will cost between $500 and $1,500 to split a property into two. The facilities can be as simple as subdividing a single residential property into two separate titles, all the way up to rezoning large tracts of property into hundreds of separate lots. Found the perfect land to build your dream home? Whether you plan to build your home right away or a few years from now, Delta Community is here to help you get started. ‘Land Law’ means any law of a State or Territory relating to the giving of default notices prior to the enforcement of real property mortgages. There is plenty of land to subdivide on this corner block for sale in Moorooka, QLD. One day, someone offers to buy a portion of your land. Get free quotes to get your land subdivided today. A developer might use a blanket loan to assemble several tracts of land, then subdivide it into individual lots for home construction. Your property has a mortgage. You can cut years off your loan and save money with every extra dollar you deposit. ) Partition requirements are, on the whole, less burdensome than subdivision requirements. Some lots will be easier to subdivide than others. Land vesting on deposit . For one  Mille Lacs County Land Services, 635 2nd Street SE, Milaca, MN 56353. Residential Development - Subdivision Financing for Lots. If your ex sells off a portion of it, then the collateral will change. When it comes to buying land and building your home, knowledge is power! 6. The ‘safe harbour’ terms also dictate that the rate can be fixed or variable, the terms of the loan, the loan to market value ratio (a maximum 70 per cent for both commercial and residential property), the security and nature (both principal and interest) and frequency of repayments. Raw land may also be difficult to resell if a project fails because it may reduce its value as collateral. As result, receiving approval for land divisions resulting in two or three new parcels is often easier than for larger land divisions. Consider the construction of a subdivision. First, what constitutes a subdivision? A subdivision is created when you do any of the  Under a mortgage, you agree that the bank can sell your property if you owe past where a land owner has subdivided land, and that original owner wants to  20 Dec 2016 If you are considering buying a property to subdivide, here are the costs This involves splitting a large block of land into two or more lots and then . This could be simply subdividing a single residential   A blanket loan, or blanket mortgage, is a type of loan used to fund the purchase of more than one piece of real property. You will need to consider the final size of each new lot of land after the division. For example, a level lot of land is ideal as it will require less groundworks and a corner block is another great option for subdividing. □ Fee of  If you own a parcel of land and wish to sell it more easily, you may be interested in the process of subdividing that land. In order to grant the buyer good title, you will need to obtain a partial release of mortgage from your Borrowers sometimes subdivide property so that a mortgage will be on only a specific improvement, such as a house, and the land reasonably necessary to support that improvement, rather than have a mortgage encumber more land than is necessary. Land developers and real estate brokers subdivide real estate quite often. Your cost basis for the gift of subdivided property is not the land's value on the date when the land was subdivided. 9 How can I find out what someone else’s property is worth? Answer . At each stage you draw down the amount needed from your loan, rather than one big amount when you buy an existing home. This can turn into more profit for you as you rent out or even sell those lots. Do you need a bore water property loan? Not every property has access to town water or tank water and only a few lenders will accept bore water access. By doing so, you can split your land into two or more residential lots, depending on the size of the property. How to subdivide your New Zealand property Introduction "Subdividing" is where land is divided and separate legal title is established for each of the new sections that are created. And that raises more problems than getting a normal mortgage. In addition, a surveyor will charge between $500 and $2000 for a mid-size property to be surveyed and platted. With over 31 years of experience in the commercial loan business, we can make obtaining a subdivision loan a smooth and easy process, whether you are a contractor, builder, owner builder or developer. can I subdivide my land? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. Can I subdivide and sell a piece of property that has a mortgage on it? I'm trying to sell a piece of property that had been a part of a larger parcel which still has a mortgage lien on it. Land Lot Loan Secure the Perfect Spot for Your Dream Home. Subdividing land can be a great way to build your investment portfolio quickly. Subdivisions. You'll then likely have one loan with two titles. 1. select a mortgage broker - Sub Division loans  The cost to subdivide a parcel of land varies considerably but Sub-Arctic can usually mortgages and caveats have been registered against the title to the land. Now my question is how does that affect my mortgage? I believe I would need to get the bank to release partially the security. Then they can take a mortgage on it. Access management programs should address commercial development along thoroughfares, as well as flag lots, residential strips, and other issues related to the division and subdivision of land. Augusta Financial Inc is Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act, #4131305 and NMLS ID #241911, and provides residential and commercial mortgage loans for California real estate. Bushfire Prone Property Loan. If you are working on one or many residential land developments money can be available for the continuation of your project so long as there's substantial up-side remaining or low leverage contained within the residential or collateral. com/mortgage-learning/title-company/  28 Sep 2016 As the property is mortgaged, you can not sell part of the land without first getting your lender's consent. The local government Approving Officer is responsible for reviewing and approving all municipal or regional  Yukon government's non-titled land registry. Simple, right? The Basics of Subdividing Land . Land subdivision loans are specifically designed to assist developers in subdividing property into smaller allotments for on-sale. The Land Law applicable to this mortgage is the Land Law of the State or Territory: (a) in which The Property is located; and (b) applicable to the system applying to the title to The Property. This allows the bank to sell the house and property if the mortgage is defaulted on. If you buy land, rather than an existing house, because you want to build from scratch, you'll probably need a land loan. Summary: Cost to Subdivide Your Land. Blown Away by the Cost to Subdivide $$$$$ and Mortgage Brokers 13K One of the biggest problems for developing land is real estate agents taking listings and subdividing property with a mortgage on it? The intent would be to subdivide the property, sell the vacant lot, and use the proceeds for improvements on the original property. If you qualify to subdivide your lot under both the zoning and subdivision ordinances, there may be other hurdles to jump over before you can subdivide. TEN (10) COPIES OF THE FINAL SUBDIVISION PLAN FOR MINOR SUBDIVISION PROPOSALS (the creation of a maximum of five (5) lots). If you can pay off the dues for that 10 acres of land, then you may be able to transfer the property to your parents. A subdivision plan may show some of the land in the allotment being subdivided as land to vest in the local authority or Crown as road (s 238 Resource Management Act 1991) or reserve (s 238 Resource Management When you subdivide land, you create four more new units of land, called “lots. It's really not as difficult as it may seem if you start with a few guidelines. A real estate developer acquires a tract of vacant, undeveloped land with borrowed funds or contributed capital for the sole purpose of utilizing a sub-contractor to sub-divide and develop the land into lots or parcels for ultimate sale, primarily as The most common stages of completion are land purchase, pad (floor), roof, lockup and final completion. If you really have an inkling you would like to sell off some land to a builder for a subdivision or a single building lot, a REALTOR with experience in subdividing land will work with you to do all this upfront research. The mortgage and the loan. You want to build your dream house, but your land has more space than you need. Reverse mortgage. Yes, you can appraise the 10 acres of land you want to give your parents and check with the lender if you can pay off the dues for that 10 acres. There was one just recently where the lot was about 35 acres and the sales in the area were all less than 5 acres and the borrowers could not get a reverse mortgage. Learn how to capitalise on this growing area with our guide to subdivision loans. ” (See the full legal definitions. At this time, I am very confused and wonder what happen with my existing ANZ home loan if I build a rear unit and subdivide the land. land lot A piece of land owned by an individual or entity. Plat maps also show the locations of streets and easements. The construction loan was added to my old home loan. You will need to split the existing loan into the relevant portions, I have written a tax tip on this here in tax section and you Will have to discharge the mortgage on the block you are moving to the new lender. §4401 - 4407. Our Land Lot Loan is a loan that can be used to finance the purchase of land or a lot property for your new home the property is a gift), mortgage a property or subdivide your land into three or more parcels (including the remainder). A separate title is established by Land Information New Zealand, after receiving an application and a subdivision plan. To do this u will need to subdivide first. 7. You will need to apply to them for a  5 Jul 2019 Information on common title dealings - mortgages and discharges of Title, changing property boundaries, subdividing or consolidating titles,  22 May 2011 Can I sell the other acre if I still have a mortgage on the whole property? My daughter and son-in-law want to buy the land. Existing lender approves the subdivision, this should be fine as the value rises. If you want to get an estimate for the cost of subdivision of a specific property, contact a land-developing firm in your area that has civil engineers, architects and land surveyors. Requirements affecting the process came into effect across Nova Scotia in March 2005. Your local Capitalization versus expense of interest and real estate taxes is a balancing act for real estate developers of residential building lots. Land development and subdivision regulations should be amended accordingly and communities may also consider a separate access management ordinance. Municipal reviewing authority is typically the Planning Board. But like everything in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. All about the land subdivision process. Whatever your reason for subdividing property, the following is a guide of how the process works. The process for subdividing land can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. zoning Areas within a city limits in which certain types of land uses are allowed. There are . Many people choose to subdivide land so that they can sell or develop the separate parcels for profit, although you may also be interested in subdivision for gifting land to family or other purposes. If you create a subdivision, you must submit an application to the municipal reviewing authority demonstrating that your proposed subdivision meets all the review criteria as set in law. Subdividing a property in British Columbia can be a complicated process. Land Acquisition Debt Financing. For property values less than that, your local bank branch might be your best bet for a "personal" loan. Has anyone has any success with the idea of buying a few acres of land and then building your personal house on it then dividing the land into plots and either selling them off or hiring a construction company to build house on it for you to sell it off or rent out? I've only noticed big plots of land 20+ acres or less than an acre. Your stumbling block however if there is one will be your existing mortgage as you will need your existing lender's permission in order to split the land off as based upon what you said, they have a mortgage over the entire plot A land division is the way developers create new allotments. Many mortgage holders have been skimping and saving hard all their life to realise the Australian dream of owning their own home. it makes sense to subdivide the property now and A division of land created by order of any court of record in this state or by operation of law or that, in the absence of agreement between the parties to the sale, could be created by an order of any court in this state pursuant to the law of eminent domain, Title 70, Chapter 30. A common question we face is “Can I sell part of my land?” To answer this question, first you must establish whether your land consists of more than one parcel, or lot and DP (Deposited Plan). That's the reason why the lender is not allowing him to sell off the property now. Hi all, I have recently purchased a house and can subdivide and sell a strip of land to a friend of mine. Thus, for the lender, the whole land will be a collateral. Estimate your monthly payments with PMI, taxes, homeowner's insurance, HOA fees, current loan rates & more. Along with parent company F&M Bank, our professional mortgage advisors have loan options and mortgages to meet your residential and commercial lending needs. The costs will all depend on the surveying costs, platting costs, local hearing fees, how many lots you want to create and if any improvements need to be made in order to legally subdivide the land. How do I go about  25 Oct 2018 Thinking about subdividing your property? Read this guide first to hire an engineering firm. How to Use Land Equity as a Down Payment to Build a House. Check out the web's best free mortgage calculator to save money on your home loan today. Blanket loans are popular with builders and developers who buy large tracts of land, then subdivide them to  When you're looking for subdividing land SA services, look no further than the Mortgage Broker – to provide you with mortgage orientated advice and services. loan structures, mortgages, guarantees and security agreements over property. May 2011 Land Use Program, State Planning A division of land created by order of any court of record in this state or by operation of law or that, in the absence of agreement between the parties to the sale, could be created by an order of any court in this state pursuant to the law of eminent domain, Title 70, Chapter 30. Making additional repayments at any time is a great way to reduce your outstanding balance, which reduces the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan. You will need a lawyer when undertaking any subdivision of land. For example, a zoning ordinance might permit houses but according, this would seem to be relatively straightforward. So, if your investment property was appraised at $200,000 and you had a mortgage for $100,000, your LTV would be 50% ($100,000/$200,000). Subdividing your land and selling the extra acreage means unloading  You should speak to an attorney. But also legally speaking, the mortgage will remain attached to all of the subdivided parcels. I bought the house on 28 acres in Jan 2006 - purchase price 390,000, down payment 140,000, mortgage 250,000 with a current balance of 211,000. Miss your mortgage payments, and the lender can legally foreclose on ALL parcels. Subdivision Loan . This is often referred to as a subdivision, cutting an allotment into two or how can i subdivide property on 1 acre residential neighborhood within atlanta city limits? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. Subdividing Real Estate with a Mortgage Posted by admin on August 9, 2013 If you’ve purchased and mortgaged acres of land for sale and wish to split the property up, the subdivision of said real estate can be a time-consuming, costly procedure. plat A map that shows a parcel of land and how it is subdivided into individual lots. the property is a gift), mortgage a property or subdivide your land into three or more parcels (including the remainder). A subdivision is a parcel of land divided from a larger area; the purpose is to take a large tract and split it into smaller ones that are easier to develop and that can be developed independently of one another, increasing growth and maximizing use of space. 320-983 -8308 Approval to subdivide from Mortgage Holder, if applicable. com) Want to Subdivide Your California Property? What's Legally Possible you before taking steps to subdivide your land parcel. The right connections. Subdividing your land and selling the extra acreage means unloading excess land and earning some extra construction cash. You will need to apply to them for a  4 days ago As the property is mortgaged, you can not sell part of the land without first getting your lender's consent. Subdivide definition, to divide (that which has already been divided) into smaller parts; divide again after a first division. You'll need to look at a survey of the land in question and look into the municipality's  29 Mar 2019 Land owners typically subdivide their property into multiple residential units. A 1031 exchange allows property owners to defer taxes on the sale of property, but you must purchase a different investment property for at least the same price as the property you are selling. This plan is an actual survey prepared specifically for the purpose of resubdivision by a land surveyor registered in the State of Louisiana bearing his or her official stamp. 8. It all seems pretty straight-forward – you’ve got a sizable piece of land, you subdivide, you sell, and you make lots of money. One possible way to turn a profit on a purchased property is to subdivide. A neighbor who owns adjoining property mentioned that should I ever want so sell some of my land he would like right of first refusal. If your down payment requirement from above is 30-50%, that means the property price needs to be at least $150K ($110K in Alberta). have input as well! We have some land (about 30 Don't work with a lender who wants you to commit mortgage fraud. This article reviews the need to carefully prepare partial discharges of mortgage for boundary adjustments. This website is owned by John J. Hi I have mortgage for PPOR with ANZ (80% leverage) and now I am going to build a rear unit then subdivide the land. Harambasic (MLO, NMLS ID #281276) at Augusta Financial Inc. Combinations of  If you're planning to subdivide your land and develop it, we can put you in touch with the appropriate person. Two aspects. The land development business is risky because it tends to generate little cash. 9 Dec 2015 The minimum lot size based on the property's land use classification must be determined before you subdivide it, and your subdivisions must  If you are new to subdividing, we strongly suggest that you hire a practitioner to work with you on your proposal; you may choose a BC Land Surveyor,  10 May 2019 Getting a loan for land involves getting land surveys, determining the And that raises more problems than getting a normal mortgage. “You can opt to subdivide the land, keep the house and sell off the plot, or build another house or flatlets on the plot to let out to generate rental income. http://www. For one Land acquisition and development financing are often combined. Come back soon for the final article in this series on subdividing land that will walk you through the typical steps of how to do a small-scale subdivision. Refusing approval of any application to subdivide land means dividing a parcel of land for sale, conveyance, transfer, lease, sublease, mortgage, agreement,  19 May 2017 Personal Property is all assets that are not land and buildings. Lessons on relocatable houses and subdividing land Housing Market Written by John Bolton , Mar 23 2012 I've been buying and developing a lot of properties this year either as an investor, or as part of First Home Makeovers. The property has been subdivided and I have a buyer, but the buyer cannot get title insurance with the parcel still being part of the mortgage. While simple in concept, in practice subdividing land can be quite complex, as it involves many steps and compliance with a number of rules and regulations. Regardless, each phase presents unique challenges and risks. S. Learn how to determine cost basis on this kind of property. Rising land: Blocks of land in Sydney CBD more expensive than a unit. Generating profit through subdivision can be a feasible investment strategy if you know the ins and outs of property development. Exact minimum plot sizes for subdivision differ from council to council, but most properties sitting on plots larger than 700sqm will be eligible. Alternatively, you can sell off both pieces of land, or demolish the house entirely and develop the property into clusters, townhouses or flats. 1 How can I get a copy of a document? For example, I would like a copy of my mortgage. To the rest of us it may seem too complicated to try. If you have obtained the necessary subdivision approval and your sole remaining issue is the mortgage, you  13 Apr 2018 Subdividing land is a popular way for savvy property investors to create wealth. Subdividing can deliver a windfall but there are tax traps that can reduce the return. May I subdivide my agricultural land? Yes, if you are eligible. 8 Can land titles tell me who owns the mines and minerals under a piece of land? Answer 6. Just be prepared to invest your time, energy and finances into the Land development and subdivision regulations should be amended accordingly and communities may also consider a separate access management ordinance. If your dream home is in a bushfire affected area, it doesn't mean the end of your mortgage application. As long as you talk with your lender and send formal letters to track your subdivision actions, you should have few Check back soon for our second article in this series about Subdividing Land: Tips for Landowners from a Developer, where we will describe some real world issues that we have seen in subdivision attempts. If you are looking for a real estate development loan for small to large subdivisions Ocean Pacific Capital can help. Splitting a land parcel may be a time-consuming process, but there are many benefits to partitioning your land. Subdividing isn't  The division of a tract or parcel of land into 3 or more lots within any 5 year Parcel subdivided in 1970. mortgage or deed of trust has been You can subdivide land but if there is a mortgage on that land, before you subdivide it you need to permission from the mortgage holder because that land is their security interest and you cannot infringe on their security interest by taking a portion of that interest away. Answer AMP Bank Land Loan lets you redraw any extra funds you deposit whenever you like. The end result of the subdivision simply means that all of the lots you created are still mortgaged and to be able to sell one you will have to pay off the entire balance on the note unless when you created the note and the mortgage you had the foresight to create a partial release clause on the mortgage. The lien must be against a livable house, on a foundation, and the land it sites on. How much does it cost to subdivide land? With no set standard, it can be so hard to offer an estimate on what it’s going to cost to subdivide land. This means that you will need to subdivide the property to get a mortgage. I am a local mortgage broker with 10 years finance experience and have  17 Apr 2019 Subdividing Property to Increase Density Can Raise Issues with Mortgages on Titles chews up vast amounts of land, often prime, irreplaceable farmland. The building site may be sold to low- or moderate-income families utilizing USDA’s Housing and Community Facilities Program’s (HCFP) loan programs, or any other mortgage financing program which serves low- and moderate-income families; Non-profits that have the legal authority to operate a revolving loan fund Land developers and real estate brokers subdivide real estate quite often. Subdividing Land: Tips for Landowners from a Developer (Part 1 – Evaluate) (lotnetwork. F&M Mortgage has been offering full-service home mortgages to the Shenandoah Valley and beyond since 1999. A. who holds a mortgage or other. ALSO to note - as mortgage brokers, we can generally arrange land loans for $75K or more. Land-subdivision costs may include a land survey, legal fees, application fees, clearing the site, supplying utilities, inspection fees and permit costs. So in this video I have shared our experience with the property subdivision process, including what to expect in regards to how long the land subdivision process will take. 9 Aug 2013 If you've purchased and mortgaged acres of land for sale and wish to split the property up, the subdivision of said real estate can be a  I will invest capital to subdivide with the county, engineer the land I'm planning to purchase the SFR with a conventional mortgage, but my  You want to build your dream house, but your land has more space than you need. 21 Jun 2012 I have almost paid off my mortgage on the existing investment property, and have estimated the costs of building and dividing the land to be  How long does NAB normally take to provide consent to subdivide a or is there still a bit so NAB has first mortgage on the house and land? 31 Jul 2018 A partial release of your mortgage can be very useful if you are planning on If, for example, you are hoping to sell a portion of your land, your  Learn to evaluate the risks and rewards of subdividing land into residential lots. Subdividing land Whether it’s your own backyard or land you’ve invested in for the purpose of subdividing, it can all seem pretty simple – you subdivide, you sell, you make some easy cash. In addition, it will be necessary to repay the current loan, and if there is a mortgage or other security held, to arrange for a discharge of that security. When a developer or land owner creates a new allotment, they increase the value of their land holding by utilising the development potential of their property. Subdividing is the process of splitting up a single parcel of land into multiple parcels. Online tools such as the SIX Viewer or even Google Maps will give you an indication of whether your land consists of more than one parcel. You will need to convey him good and clear record and marketable title to this piece of land. Successful subdivisions start by speaking with the engineering staff at the local council about services; especially water, storm drainage and sewerage. Plus, the third article in the series will provide hands-on details about the steps to take if you decide to subdivide your land into lots. Why you may ask? The bank requires a lien against the property for any mortgage. If you are intended to lodge a Development Application to subdivide your property a formal subdivision pre- lodgement . Is this likely to be a good long-term investment for me, or would I be better off buying a new property altogether? Welcome to F&M Mortgage. That same original mortgage on the one un-subdivided lot would  If you have a large section and want to get some extra cash to pay off that mortgage or invest in a new venture, subdividing your land may be the best solution. Finally, we have had some borrowers who have done lot divisions and placed the reverse mortgage on the parcel with the dwelling after the division when it made sense. Land Use . Best Answer: Legally speaking, YES, you can subdivide a property that has an existing mortgage. Some of these requirements might involve how water flows from the property you intend to subdivide to other neighboring properties, along with storm drainage requirements. When the land is subdivided into more than one lot, each lot is then sold to one or . In this first of three articles on the subject, a developer and real estate lawyer  28 Jun 2019 For capital gains tax (CGT) purposes, the original land parcel is divided into two or more separate assets. Land Subdivision Prices. Document searches . Related articles. will provide you with the separate titles for each subdivided piece of the land. Subdividing: Breaking the myths Luke Parker Posted 24 March 2015. Subdividing land is not a CGT event if  Land subdivision and improvement loans assist developers with subdividing a property into lots for on-sale. We will liaise with your bank and will attend to those matters for you. Texas's land laws outline several acceptable means by which cities may organize  Under the new Auckland Unitary Plan many properties can be subdivided into with the part of the land that the new property has been built on enabling you to  In a Petition /Application for Original Registration what are the documentary requirements by the Land Registration Authority to fulfill its mandate pursuant to Sec. Your loan-to-value ratio — this is the mortgage amount divided by the appraised value of the property — shows lenders how much equity you have in the home. To find out which regulations apply, visit your local council’s website. Get answers, and share your insights and experience. See more. subdivide land with a mortgage

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